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In a regular supermarket, a can of Coke will be around HUF 150 (Rp 0.70). If you go to the grocery store around the corner, this will be about HUF 170. In a small shop 24 hours, HUF 190. In the Gyros place to sell fast food, 250 HUF. In a cheap restaurant, HUF 300.

And this is basically a place where you can buy cans of Coke. In the restaurant music since last year you usually get a Coke CC 2oo packages costing around HUF 300. But you need at least two, right? Maybe even more. At a fancy restaurant, this small bottle could rise to HUF 500-600.

And then there is the draft Coke, served in glasses as a small cup (300 CC) or a large cup (500 CC). Large glass can be increased to HUF 700 (eg Fatal Restaurant).

So this is the price of Coke in Budapest. Besides price, ought to note that in many places you get served warm Coke. Not because there is no refrigerator, but because they did not put the Coke in the fridge. In other places only a few days ago they say that, yes, Coke in the fridge, but they turn the fridge off at night. Or other findings, that Hungary is very special to have a drink in the fridge, but the fridge does not work. "This is because the heat," they will tell you. !??!

Yet another thing that is disturbing when the Coke was flat. Nothing is more frustrating when you get a warm expensive flat Coke in a restaurant. When you complain, people do not understand what you are saying - they thought Coke was the sugar or caffeine. This is why it is safer to ask for Coke cans or bottles, this will never be flat.

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